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Bulk Data Collection Ethics

Citation Robbins, S. (2021). Bulk data collection, national security and ethics. In S. Miller, A. Henschke, & J. Feltes (eds.) Counter-Terrorism. Edward Elgar Publishing.     Abstract The rise of Internet...

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A Misdirected Principle with a Catch: Explicability for AI

Citation Robbins, S. (2019). A Misdirected Principle with a Catch: Explicability for AI. Minds and Machines. Abstract There is widespread agreement that there should be a principle requiring that artificial intelligence (AI)...

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Our Ignorance about AI

Wrote a piece for the launch of the Netherlands AI Alliance which was launched today. It us up on their website. Find it here. From the piece: If we accept that the explanations for modern AI algorithms will remain opaque to us, then the question is how to use these...

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Our Sexual Future with Robots

Citation Sharkey, N., van Wynsberghe, A., Robbins, S., & Hancock, E. (2017). Our Sexual Future with Robots. The Hague, Netherlands: Foundation for Responsible Robotics. Retrieved from...

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