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Scott Robbins

PhD Candidate in Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Scott is currently completing his PhD in the ethics of artificial intelligence at the Technical University of Delft. He has a B.Sc. in Computer Science from California State University, Chico and an M.Sc. in Ethics of Technology from the University of Twente. He is a founding member of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and a member of the 4TU Centre for Ethics and Technology. Scott is skeptical of AI as a grand solution to societal problems and argues that AI should be boring.

Latest Publications

Critiquing the Reasons for Developing Artificial Moral Agents

Citation Van Wynsberghe, A., & Robbins, S. (2018). Critiquing the Reasons for Making Artificial Moral Agents. Science and Engineering Ethics. Online First. Abstract Many industry leaders and academics from the...

The Value of Transparency: Bulk Data and Authoritarianism

Citation Robbins, S., & Henschke, A. (2017). The Value of Transparency: Bulk Data and Authoritarianism. Surveillance & Society, 15(3/4), 582-589. Retrieved from

Our Sexual Future with Robots

Citation Sharkey, N., van Wynsberghe, A., Robbins, S., & Hancock, E. (2017). Our Sexual Future with Robots. The Hague, Netherlands: Foundation for Responsible Robotics. Retrieved from...

Upcoming Events

Ethicomp 2020

16-18 June 2020 | Rioja Spain

Scott will be presenting a paper at Ethicomp 2020 in Rioja, Spain. The conference takes place from the 17th – 19th of June.

His paper is entitled “Meaningful Human Control over Opaque Machines”


Past Events

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Amsterdam Privacy Conference 2018

At APC 2018 I will be presenting a paper on bulk data collection ethics (counter terrorism context). In it I adapt Just War Theory principles to intelligence collection.

Ethicomp 2018 (Sopot, Poland)

Yesterday I delivered my talk to an engaged audience at Ethicomp 2018 in Sopot, Poland. I spoke on widening the debate on transparency in algorithms to cover more than the inner workings of algorithms. There should also be transparency with regard to the possible...

Lecture on Ethics and Cybersecurity

I gave a lecture this morning for the International Cyber Security Summer School in the Hague. The summer school was run by the Hague Security Delta. The students were great and the summer school was well organized. Thanks to the organizers and to Michel Rademaker for...

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