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Scott Robbins, M.Sc.

Scott Robbins is currently a PhD Researcher in ethics of technology at the technical university of Delft, the Netherlands (TU Delft). He graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science (Cum Laude) at California State University, Chico and with a Masters in Ethics and Technology (Cum Laude) at the University of Twente. His current research analyzes the ethics and efficacy of machine learning in the context of counter-terrorism. He is a founding memeber and chair of the organizing committee at the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and a member of the 4TU center for ethics and technology. He also designs and administers a number of websites including and


A Misdirected Principle with a Catch: Explicability for AI

Citation Robbins, S. (2019). A Misdirected Principle with a Catch: Explicability for AI. Minds and Machines. Abstract There is widespread agreement that there should be a principle requiring that artificial intelligence (AI)...

Our Ignorance about AI

Wrote a piece for the launch of the Netherlands AI Alliance which was launched today. It us up on their website. Find it here. From the piece: If we accept that the explanations for modern AI algorithms will remain opaque to us, then the question is how to use these...


TU Delft Research Day Presentation

Today I gave a presentation for the TU Delft Ethics and Philosophy of Technology research day. My talk was entitled "Explicability Principle for AI: Misdirected and Undermining". I argue that the many proposals for explicability for AI do not overcome the moral...

Ethics of Mass Surveillance Conference

Today I gave a presentation on the ethics and efficacy of machine learning for counter terrorism for the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Ethics of Mass Surveillance Conference. Great group of speakers and a great crowd.

Ethics of Mass Surveillance (April 12)

On April 12 I delivered a talk entitled "Bulk Data Collection, Machine Learning, and Ethics" for the Ethics of Mass Surveillance workshop held at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


Ethicomp 2020 (Rioja Spain)

I will be presenting a paper at Ethicomp 2020 in Rioja, Spain. The conference takes place from the 17th - 19th of June. My paper is entitled "Meaningful Human Control over Opaque Machines". Abstract:   In an increasingly autonomous world, it is becoming clear...

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