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Scott Robbins, M.Sc.

Scott Robbins is currently a PhD Researcher in ethics of technology at the technical university of Delft, the Netherlands (TU Delft). He graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science (Cum Laude) at California State University, Chico and with a Masters in Ethics and Technology (Cum Laude) at the University of Twente. His current research analyzes the ethics and efficacy of bulk meta-data collection in the context of counter-terrorism. He is part of the organizing committee at the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and a member of the 4TU center for ethics and technology. He also designs and administers a number of websites including,, and


Critiquing the Reasons for Developing Artificial Moral Agents

Citation Van Wynsberghe, A., & Robbins, S. (2018). Critiquing the Reasons for Making Artificial Moral Agents. Science and Engineering Ethics. Online First. Abstract Many industry leaders and academics from the...

The Value of Transparency: Bulk Data and Authoritarianism

Citation Robbins, S., & Henschke, A. (2017). The Value of Transparency: Bulk Data and Authoritarianism. Surveillance & Society, 15(3/4), 582-589. Retrieved from Abstract...

Our Sexual Future with Robots

Citation Sharkey, N., van Wynsberghe, A., Robbins, S., & Hancock, E. (2017). Our Sexual Future with Robots. The Hague, Netherlands: Foundation for Responsible Robotics. Retrieved from...


Lecture on Ethics and Cybersecurity

I gave a lecture this morning for the International Cyber Security Summer School in the Hague. The summer school was run by the Hague Security Delta. The students were great and the summer school was well organized. Thanks to the organizers and to Michel Rademaker for...

Presentation: AI and Counter-terrorism

This talk was presented at the workshop Dealing with Threats and Disasters: New Paradigms, New Technologies. The workshop was put on by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and the 4TU centre for ethics and technology....

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